Let's think about that for a second.  They're in charge of  keeping your belongings safe!  Figures!  (disclaimer: not all TSA agents are untrustworthy slimeballs.  Your experience may vary)

Welcome to the  "What Is This World Coming To?" blog.    According to Gizmodo.com,

2 TSA agents from JFK allegedly (that word was for the WGNA lawyers) stole $160,000 from travelers' LUGGAGE.    And how did they do it?  Glad you asked.  Gizmodo says:

They'd screen the bags through security x-rays looking for money, then they'd flag the luggage for private inspection and steal the money there. One passenger en route to Argentina had $39,400 in cash sitting in his bag.

Has anyone raised THIS question?--Who the **** carries 40 grand in their luggage??  I think they might have gotten themselves 3 criminals in one sting!!!

Actually, a TSA agent at Kennedy Airport could become rich just taking the change that you dump into the cup before you go through the scanner.  At Kennedy Airport?? How do you do it? VOLUME, my friend.

Man!  If they're taking money, what ELSE could they be grabbing.  Electronics?  Nice clothes? (well, you'll never find the latter in MY bag, so forget that!!).

Just putting out the warning.  If you're flying, never leave expensive things in your luggage.  Instead, put it in the carry-on luggage (no--bad idea).   Uhhhhh, OK....put it in your purse....nope...uhhh, in your pants pocket.....  Wow!  So what we're saying now is that you can't bring ANYTHING expensive with you, and no liquids, sharp objects-----in other words JUST STAY HOME with all your stuff!!!