When people ask if I have kids, after I'm done laughing uncontrollably 'cause...no, I say, "Yes, they have fur." My first born is Lyric, a potential Main Coon cat that I like to say is part Puma. Next is Penny, my shorkie pup is a mix of shih tzu and yorkie. Then there is my baby, Graham, a lionhead bunny rabbit. It's very much like having three toddlers who can't say a thing but know how to guilt trip you and it's their way or no way. But, sometimes mama's gotta say, "no" because they have no idea that what's okay for me isn't okay for them. And in some cases, I didn't know either and maybe you didn't until now. Check out this list of what can be harmful for your pets if consumed. Please note that I left out alcohol because...common sense.

Coffee and other caffeinated beverages - dehydration, vomiting, abnormal heart rhythm and more.

Avocados - vomiting and the poops

Macadamia Nuts - weakness, depression, vomiting and more

Grapes and Raisins - can lead to kidney failure

Raw Meat and Uncooked Eggs - lead to skin and coat issues

Bones - causes lacerations and potential puncture of the stomach

Onion, Garlic and Chives can lead to blood cell issues and intestinal irritation

Milk - can lead to diarrhea

Candy -Xylitol is the specific ingredient that can lead to liver failure.

Chocolate - The darker the chocolate the more dangerous and can lead to vomiting, diarrhea, abnormal heart rate, tremors and more