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Slingerlands Toll Gate to Give Out Free Ice Cream Saturday
It first opened in 1949 and over the last couple of weeks has had its doors closed in Slingerlands while its owner has fallen ill. While that news is never good news, what we do know is that I will be reopening, even if it's just for this weekend to give us free ice cream!
Right-To-Die Bill To Be Considered by New York Legislation
I've always thought it was weird that we can choose to end our pets life to end their continued suffering from something horrible like cancer, but, then when we are watching a loved one with something so similar, we're helpless. Being the person suffering has to be even worse, so why …
Local Nurse Rallies Neighbors To Help Fight Hunger
Personally, being involved in so many charities here at GNA like The High School Hunger Games and just donating to local food drives around the capital region, you want to assume it's all going to be used in the most effective way possibly but how do you know?

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