I am very excited to partner with Omaha Steaks and offer this amazing Father’s Day Package deal to you!

If you have never tried Omaha Steak’s you are missing out.  But never fear, here is your chance to experience these delicious meals for yourself at 80% off.  Here are the details:

Head to Omaha Steak’s website.  In the search bar, type in: SEAN.   That’s it!  The very first deal that pops up is the Father’s Day Package.  Can you imagine all the food in this package for only $49.99?  Plus, for a limited time they are throwing in 4 additional Omaha Steak burgers!  You’re saving almost $200!  Trust me when I tell you – you will love this food.

Omaha Steaks

A couple weeks ago, I received the Father’s Day Package delivered right to my front door.  I could not believe the amount of food.  Everything arrived on one box, still frozen!  I love to grill, so this package is perfect for me or any Dad who enjoys grilling.  Heck, you even have enough money left over after this deal to throw in a grilling apron for dad!

I chose the steaks and fries as my first meal.  I defrosted both the filet and sirloins in the morning to grill later that night.  They were amazing, easy to cook (there are even instructions on the package), and the whole family enjoyed it!  Since then, we have had the pork chops, gourmet jumbo franks and the Omaha steak burgers.  All equally as delicious.

I still have a lot more to try from this package and I can’t wait.  Before this deal ends, you can believe I am going to order another one.  $49.99 is a great deal for all this food.

I know you will enjoy this as much as I do. Be sure to share this deal with your friends – it’s too good to keep quiet.