We have all seen kids in places we don’t think parents should bring them, like a bar.  But Kelsey Grammer may have taken it to a new level.

Kelsey Grammer brought his 3 month old child to a party at the Playboy Mansion.  Yes, you heard me, the Playboy Mansion!  The media is going crazy with this one, his explanation “my wife is breast feeding”.  So why go to the party at all, right?  Or maybe leave your wife at home?  I know if I am going to the Playboy Mansion they are both staying home, I mean, what?  Well, it isn’t for me to judge Kelsey.

So, I started thinking, I do judge people sometimes for bringing kids to certain events.  I remember seeing a baby at a football game in the middle of winter thinking, what parent would bring their baby here in this weather?  Poor thing!

Do you have any inappropriate baby sightings?  Share them with us!  Maybe we can help some parents out!