It started on Wall Street.  It could possibly coming to State Street, Albany!  The Occupy Movement is definitely spreading.  It's a highly charged issue, to be sure.  But if you're a listener to our show, I think you know by now that we try to touch on everything, so here goes!

In a continuing effort to draw attention toward the plight of the "worker bees" in this country, ( a mere 99% of us) , the Occupy Wall Street Movement is taking a little walk "uptown" from their original staging are  according to an article from  Now they are planning on protesting in front of the homes of well known millionaires in NYC.  "They're hoarding wealth", say the marchers.  As you can see, they're not messing around here.


And word is spreading quickly.  Spreading like wildfire, I would say.  Check this out from Google Maps

I'm not getting into the pros and cons of the issue here.  I just can't get over how fast this has grown, and again you have to give credit or blame (depending on how you "roll")to Facebook and Twitter for most of it.  Compared to the protest movement of the 60's ?  There's no comparison!  In fact I was thinking about that very thing-comparing back then (of which I was around for but never participated)  to the here and now.  And that became the subject of today's parody on the show.  I will take you there by clicking below!

I don't know about you, but this seems like an issue everyone should at least take note of.  It could be coming to Albany very soon.  Maybe a little less "Dancin' With The Stars" and a little more atention to the nightly news might be in order here for all of us!  Just sayin', people!  I'm guilty of it myself!