Last week on the show we were talking about the worst ways you've ever gotten dumped.  I was once the lucky recipient of a "Dear Jane," email.  But this, this method takes the cake!

Even dumping someone on their Facebook wall on their birthday might be kinder than THIS.

There's a new product called "Break-Up Beans", and it's super clever but totally brutal!

Break-Up Beans are lima bean seeds that have a secret message etched into them with lasers.  When you plant one, it takes about 10 days to grow.  And when it does, that message is right there in big, clear letters on the beans.

The messages are things like, "It's over" and "Let's be friends."  Rough!

The plants can even grow up to 20 feet, which would make the message quite clear!

They cost is only $6.99 for a set of two beans.  You can find them here - Break up beans! 

But, for the record, I'm not recommending this method!  I'm simply the messenger!