The Albany area has has a handful of million dollar winners for 2012 and now you can add one more to that list - James Jess.  James drives over the border Vermont to North Hoosick, NY to buy his tickets and that strategy has paid off big!

As someone who lives not far from the location where he bought the winning ticket, I can say I agree with his quote from the folks at the lottery:

"The games are just better in New York”

I have purchased tickets in Vermont and they are losers nearly every time, while in New York I seem to win every few purchases or so, even if it’s only a dollar. He's right - they are much better in New York!

I can’t help to wonder what it’d be like if myself or a family member were to have bought that ticket. While three million dollars is great, I don’t really need all of that money. I’d be happy with $300,000 which would pay off student loans, the house, and the vehicles, with some money left over for perhaps investing in the future. Don’t get me wrong, I’d take three million dollars, if offered, and do my best to do the most good with it.

Is there a minimum amount you could ‘live with’ winning? Or is there no such thing as too much for you? What would you do with the cash if you won?

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