The Normanside Country Club in Bethlehem was officially closed back in January, due to financial reasons. There have been some bidders for the club including the Town Of Bethlehem. Their bid was beat out last week. According to our friends at The Times Union, it has now been disclosed who it is. It’s the owner of the Mohawk River Country Club in Rexford, and Highland Park Country Club in Queensbury. He’s 50 year old Rafael Flores. He’s not letting us know the dollar amount until the deal becomes final. That will be later this month.

His plans do not include developing the property. He said.” We own golf courses; we like to keep it as a golf course." Part of the future of the club may be hosting upscale banquets and weddings.

Local business to help strengthen our local economy. Don’t you think it’s always great to see a local business being taken over by another local business?