There, I said it, and I don't have anybody left in the school system.  Niskayuna passed their budget on the second try.  Good! 

I should be THAT GUY.  You know the one.  The "older person" who put his kid through a really good school,reaping the benefits of having great teachers and a well rounded curriculum and now bitching and complaining about the high costs of that very same system.

We are no fan of Niskayuna taxes, don't get me wrong.  The taxes alone on our property are as high as the mortgage payment on our first home, and it's nothing extravagant by any means.  But on the same token, when you blindly check "NO" to something like this, you have no idea of the ramifications.

What if your kid is a budding musician with no music program to thrive in? Could your little Johnny be the next Picasso and they "axe"  the art teacher?  It happened at Albany High, by the way.  It could easily happen anywhere.

photo by Richie Phillips

The system is broken, but that shouldn't be a reason to deny kids the education they deserve.  Actually, these signs on the road really brought it home for me as i was driving away from the school after voting.