Not to encroach on Casey Danton's function here at the station, but this is important!  It is National Coffee Day!

 It's true!  Better get out there and look around, because there are specials all over the area for free and discounted coffee on National Coffee Day.  So stay alert! (but then again, if you haven't had your cup of Java, you're probably not...)

  Coffee has alot of health benefits-did you know that?   According to , they quote Self magazine, and they list some of these:

1.  Coffee  may lower the risk of some types of cancer

2.  It could help folks with Type 2 diabetes 

3.  It could help prevent Parkinson's disease!

4.  It's the number one source of anti-oxidants in the American diet!

  So I would run right out to your nearest Dunkin Donuts today and see what they have going on for this very special holiday (and you can always buy extra for your favorit-ist morning show (hint hint)