This morning on the Sean and Richie show Broadcast live from Saratgoa Race Course WGNA-FM's chief meteorologist Steve Caporizzo laid out the details on when  we in the Albany area should expect the worse weather from Hurricane Irene.

It looks like Sunday in the early morning for rain, and it will be really rough from Noon-6pm with the winds at 50 mph, and continuing rains dropping up to 6 inches which is a ton. The ground will be very soft, and with the wind trees are likely to come down and cause power outages. Country 107.7, WGNA-FM will be ready to get the information you need on the air, so make sure you have a battery operated radio just to be safe. Remember if you power goes out so does your TV, and internet so we will be here no matter what on Country 107.7, WGNA-FM. Here is Steve's live call in from this morning with a lot of detailed information to help you prepare for Hurricane Irene. We also have an app for your smartphone, radioPup,  in case your radio isn't working - download it for free and make sure you are prepared!