WGNA is proud to report that Michael B. Chadwick of Rochester, New York is featured in the popular CMT show 'Sweet Home Alabama.' I recently had the chance to meet Michael and ask him some questions about his role on CMT's new hit show!

What is CMT’s ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ all about?

10 city and 10 country guys compete for the heart of a beautiful blond southern belled named Devin Grissom.  She's not like any of these other bimbos on reality TV. Devin actually is a PR major at the University of Alabama and brilliant. She reads the news and can carry an intelligent conversation.  And she is so good lookin! :)

How did you land a role in the show?

There's this website where actors can self submit for jobs.  It's rare that you see anything huge because you need an agent to get those kinds of auditions, but I saw the breakdown for this show on actorsaccess.com, and I pitched them that while I was a city boy I had an edge over all the other contestants because my mother is from Richmond, Virginia. Shoot my whole family is country, I felt like I could relate better to Devin.  So almost immediately I got a phone call at my office in Manhattan, then a skype interview that night, and a week later they called to congratulate me and I was on a plane within 48 hours to Mobile, Alabama.

What’s been the coolest experience from appearing on the show?

Kim Kardashian tweeted about us right before Episode 2 aired last week!! To realize that you were being seen by people at that level was just awesome!!

What’s your favorite current country hit and why?

Fish by Craig Campbell, it cracks me up. Love the instrumentation, it's fun and upbeat, and it's just funny cuz if this song were written by a city boy it would be full of profanity and be all crude and vulgar..but a country gentlemen would say nice things like "My girl likes to fish".  Here'd we say : I know a girl who likes to (BLEEEP.)  I'm really a country boy at heart, though the show made me look like a city slicker.  My mom is from Richmond, Virginia and my father grew up in Suffern, NY.

What is your favorite thing to do for fun in upstate New York?

I love going hiking, especially around the Catskills.

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