I was just talking to a friend of mine yesterday.  He has been in contact with the "Guinness Book Of World Records".  He's doggedly determined to get his name in that esteemed book.  I can't divulge his idea or he'll kill me, but it's a good one.  It's amazing what is considered to be worthy of a world record.  Here's a great example

This gentlemen, Elliot Glazer, wanted to see how many times he could sing the words to the "Golden Girls" tv show theme while it was playing.  I don't actually think I explained this well enough.  You have to see it to understand, so here we go.  I got this from a site called RecordSetter.com, which specializes in especially wacky world records.

Yep.  They're right.  This is very, very weird, but pretty darn entertaining.  They also have things like "the Fastest Time to Complete Mario Brothers , highest crayon tower (54 stories) and much much more.

Hey, I don't write this stuff.  I'm just the messenger!

Do you have a talent that you think is better than any other?  Is it world record material?  Would love to know (don't worry - I won't steal it!)