Earlier this year my 5 year old got a Rubik's Cube for a present. Now in my opinion while he does enjoy playing with it he is a ways away from solving the darn thing. My eldest son however couldn't help but take the challenge seriously and with the help of YouTube and a few days of practice he can now solve a cube in just a minute or two. The problem is the 5 year old is driving him crazy making him solve it all the time because he is the only one in the house who can do it. Perhaps if we had this amazing robot in the house he could catch a break.

Honestly all the Rubik's Cube talk aside this is an amazing machine built by a couple of software engineers really is mind blowing. Not only did they have to come up with the software or brains of the robot but also create a robot that can hold AND see a Rubik's Cube. With some ingenuity and a 3-D printer they came up with not only a robot that can solve the puzzle but does it at lightning speed between 1 and 2 seconds! The next step is going for World Record.