There is a new restaurant/wine bar opening in Glens Falls called the "Rare Earth Wine Bar". The new place opens this Thursday at 4:30 pm and while it may look like a regular wine bar , this one has one very different twist. No tipping.

Rare Earth Wine Bar, Facebook Page

According to Steve Barnes' "Table Hopping" in the Times Union, the staff will be paid between 12 to 15 dollars an hour and will not be accepting tips. If you have amazing service and choose to tip anyway that money will go to one of a couple different charities that will rotate monthly. And according to the article the customer  will get to choose which charity.

I should mention that the place looks beautiful and from what I understand,  former Chez Sophie chef-owner Paul Parker, does an amazing job in the kitchen. I should also note that this is a wine bar, I would think not meant to be so much a full service dining out experience.  I would fully recommend everyone checking it out on Thursday night, but still , no tipping?  Aside from this particular wine bar, it is a concept that just gives me some pause.

I wonder, what do you think about this? I just don't know, to me it seems that it diminishes what I have always thought of as an important job/career.  I think that great service from a waiter or waitress can make a night out so much more special, however I suppose bad service can do the opposite. The tip seems to me to be that motivating factor that usually gets you the friendly competent service you want.

From what I understand, customers will make their orders themselves from IPads and the staff will deliver their food and cocktails.

Again, I am very curious as to how this system will work, this may be the beginning of a whole new way of dining out.  I certainly will try not to make any judgments before the place even opens but I guess I am a person who appreciates and  likes to reward great service. But that is me.

What are your thoughts?