If you love going to shows, there is a new law going in to place that is going to hopefully save you some money and allow you to get great seats in 2017!

I know you have been there before. You are super excited for a show, and when tickets go on sale they are sold out before you know it, or only the nose-bleed seats are left. Then you go online in the following days, and see all the good seats on sale through ticket brokers marked up to unbelievable levels! Super frustrating, right?

Well there is some relief on the horizon. Governor Cuomo has signed off on a new law that will make "ticket bots" illegal. If you are unfamiliar, the governor's office describes these "bots" as "...computer software known (to) manipulate systems designed to limit the number of tickets to an event that a person can buy." Basically, they break the rules set up by sites like Ticketmaster to try to keep an even playing field for all ticket buyers, allowing these ticket brokers to grab all the good seats. The tickets grabbed by the bots then get sold for a huge markup. Not fair!

Cuomo says:

"With this legislation, we are taking an important step towards restoring fairness and equity back to this multi-billion dollar industry.' According to the Governor's office, someone who uses a ticket bot can now be charged with a misdemeanor and could face fines and/or imprisonment."

So basically, when you go to buy those tickets to your favorite shows at SPAC next summer, you should see much better options and have an easier time buying them. The playing field will hopefully be even again!

We'll see ya in the front row from the stage as we welcome next years performers!

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