I guess I deserve 20 years in the pun-itentiary.  I had a chance to hear some great music from a local twosome with a great name - 2Late.  I can tell you right now, it's not….

I participated in a jam session a few weeks ago at the home of Dean Howard and had a chance to meet one Mike Short.  He proceeded (in between songs) to tell me about the singer-songwriting duo that he's been involved in with Vicki Gayle.  They call themselves 2Late.  

Origin of the name?

“We were too late for a major recording contract,” according to Gayle.


Hey, I can relate!  I loved the sense of humor about the "aging process"  and was even more intrigued when the jam session with both Dean and Mike began to take a weird turn into the world of comedy songs.

These guys seemed to be loaded with them that nite - and Mike gave me a sample of some self-penned tunes - funny and otherwise.  Very impressive.

At the end of the evening he handed me their new CD - 10 Years 2Late - a really nice compilation of originals.

photo by Richie Phillips

Their are 14 cuts on the album.  I particularly enjoyed both the  title track, along with "Dust and Dreams", but their are many other well written cuts that are worth taking a listen to.

You can read more about them, check their appearance schedule, and get information about their CD  on their website.  Do it now before it's ……… (you finish it)