Who are the VCU Rams? They are the Virgina Commonwealth Rams of Virginia Commonwealth University. They are the biggest "Cinderella" story in the history of the NCAA Tournament.

The Rams had to host a play in game just to get into the full blown tournament.  They are now in the NCAA Final Four with a game they can actulally win against #8 Butler. The Rams dismantled the #1 seed Kansas by 10 points. I am so excited to see a true long shot in the final four and hope that the VCU Rams win it all. If they do it will be the biggest long shot NCAA Tournament winner since Al McGuire the legendary coach and play by play announcer for NBC took tiny Marquette all the way back in 1977.

The VCU Rams may be the answer on Final Jeopardy someday. Go Rams! Watch the VCU faithful celebrate at the small campus in Richmond after their longshot Rams put the sneakers to Kansas for a trip to the Final Four.