Washington Nationals first baseman Adam Laroche said he ran a little faster and really wanted to get Saturday night's game against the Miami Marlins. Was the reason why how important the game was? No! It was that he had tickets to that night Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan show.

Turns out Adam and a bunch of other players had tickets to that nights show. So when there was a two and a half hour rain delay and the game went into extra innings Laroche told The Washington Times "We're like, 'We need to go win this game as fast as we can.'  We had a bus waiting for us, so the whole team could go, so we're all like, 'Let's get a W real quick and get out of here.'"


Laroche took it upon himself to speed up the game. He was on first when a teammate hit a single he normally would of stopped at second base for but this time he passed second and slid safely into third. He said, quote, "[The concert] was crossing my mind rounding second, which I think maybe gave me an extra mile per hour."  Adam didn't score THAT inning but the Nationals did win the game  and the guys made it to the concert.