The "Daily Dilemma" on the Sean and Richie Show is featured every weekday morning at 6:40am. We and the listeners take on someone's problems and try to offer different perspectives. Now, these don't have to be huge problems- it could just be something bothering you or a friend, or it could be some little thing you and another just can't agree on. If you have a dilemma to share we'd love to hear it just e-mail us here at the show.

Here is today's dilemma:

My wife and I have been happily married for 5 years. When my wife and I got married we moved to Burlington so that I could take a job as a chef. Five years later, my wife is feeling misplaced and would like to move back to Albany. Although I wouldn’t mind moving back home and being closer to both of our families, I am doing very well at my restaurant and don’t want to start over. If I stay, I will be made head chef. However, I don’t want to upset my wife or make her feel guilty, after all she did sacrifice for me. If she needs to move home I should do it, right?