This dilemma I'm sure seems a little crazy to some people, I have to admit though I have been a victim of this scenario myself. I said on the air that I suspect that in some ways women trust their intuition so much that they may actually wonder if their dreams are trying to tell them something they don't want to look at in waking life.

The problem is, dreams come from our subconscious and that part of our brain speaks in a whole different language of symbolism that out waking brain just doesn't always understand. Then again, maybe she is right, maybe he is cheating on her!
Lets see what our listener wrote in: "Hey first you'll find this funny, but trust me it's really annoying. On more than one occassion, my wife has woken up and gotten made at me for something I did something in her dream. She wakes up having a grudge. She even dreamt that I cheated on her in her dream and it took three days for her to speak to me again. How do I deal with this?"

You know we had fun with this one, let's hear what the callers had to say about our dream weaver.