Sorry.  Difficult to concentrate.  I'm supposed to be writing parodies, contributing to the show, and attempting to come up with a clever blog.  But all I can think of is drip - drip - drip.  Nothing worse than a toilet that won't "surrender".

You know, it's funny.  I get so many comments from listeners that say very nice things like "It's amazing what you can do on the piano .  That's such a talent".  And I am thankful for it, don't get me wrong.  But I really am starting to think that a person who is handy has the ultimate talent.  Have you ever noticed that a person who's handy isn't just handy at one thing.  The person who can fix a toilet can also lay down a wood floor. Multi-taskin-talented!   I hate those people.

The one great thing these days that has become a huge help is what we're interacting with as we speak: the computer.  YouTube is fantastic.  There are all kinds of tutorials that really give you confidence to try it yourself.  This one zeroes in on our exact problem.

Looks so easy!  And the wax ring only costs $2.99!  I've got to try this!  And when I get done with that, I will paint our shed, clean our gutters (not the way Sean does it though), paint our basement floor, pressure wash the deck (with a pressure washer that leaks and I don't know how to fix), replace a broken electrical outlet - I could go on and on.

I'm tellin' ya folks - if you rent instead of own?  WINNING!!   Reminds me of a little song parody of a great Miranda Lambert hit (in honor of Countryfest! )
House that bilked me by WGNA-FM

So there you go.  My personal tale of woe.  Do you have similar home ownership difficulties? Well, I feel bad for you, but  don't call me!