There seems to be a teacher in everyone's life who really left a lasting impression them. If you ask them who the best teacher they ever had was they get excited, tell you their name and talk about how they really sparked a love for learning in them. As I have been sitting here contemplating that very question I find that it's hard for me to really remember any one or two of the many teachers who were special to me. It could be because I am so old that I can't remember names as well as I used to, but I think it's more that I was fortunate enough to have had more than a few that impacted my youth and they all shared so many of the qualities that make a good teacher. These teachers have become sort of an enigma in my brain, a conglomeration if you will that I can only see as "My Teacher".

I really do hope that at least one or two of you somehow manage to find and choose to read this long overdue letter.

My Teacher,

The world into which I was born was at best tumultuous and to be honest I had just about everything going against me. There was a lack of home life, resources, and stability that most would find it hard if not impossible to rise above but you My Teacher never let me believe that was true.

As a child I was moved from town to town and family to family so much that most would never feel like they really belonged anywhere or with anyone. You My Teacher, always made me feel like your class was where I was wanted, even needed.

There were times when I felt embarrassed when I used my free lunch card, or the soles of my sneakers were falling off my feet, I felt that I was too poor to be worthy of any one's respect. You My Teacher respected me. You saw my value when even I couldn't.

You, My Teacher taught me how to think, how to reason and how to communicate. You taught me how to research, to meet deadlines and to question. You, My teacher taught me how to care about myself and others. You, My Teacher taught me how to survive, then live and finally thrive.

Thank you for seeing me. Thank you for loving me. Even if, when all is said and done and I am just part of a thousand little me's that are kept lovingly in your mind as "My Student".

Yours in gratitude,

Sean S. McMaster

PS. Mr. Fischer... that smart mouth of mine DID actually get me somewhere. :)