Here is today's dilemma:

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Recently I found out I am pregnant. I am not married but I am in a long time loving relationship and I'm sure that we would be married eventually if not soon anyway. My problem is that my boyfriend , almost predictably proposed to me shortly after finding out I was pregnant.

Like I said, I'm sure that we were going to be married regardless but with the way our lives have been and our careers it just didn't seem like anything that we needed to rush into. I don't think me becoming pregnant has really changed all that, but my boyfriend, and my parents and friends all seem to think it is important for us to bet married now.

Yes I want to marry him, but I just hate the idea of rushing it and him being "forced" to propose because of the pregnancy.  Honestly I don't think I'm the only girl who wanted her wedding to be special, I want the storybook wedding not a rushed shotgun wedding with a big belly.

I feel a lot of pressure to say yes and get married and I do love him, and I being selfish?

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