I know you may have seen one of these clips already on YouTube, but in case you didn't, here is a replay of one of the highlights of my musical life - jamming' with Albany area native John Karl at Legends and The Stage in Nashville

The quick backstory.  Sean, Bethany and I stepped into the historic "Legends" in Nashville. We were down there for the American Country Countdown Awards Show. This was after hours.

All of the country greats started at Legends, hence the name.   It would be the equivalent of being given 3 minutes to do standup at Catch a Rising Star in New York if you were a comedian.

photo by Richie Phillips


Anyway, who do we see singing his heart out?  Capital Region born and raised John Karl with an amazing group of musicians.  I was literally blown away by the surprise of seeing him, and how tight and "profesh" they were.

from JohnKarl.net

Well, nice guy that he is, John immediately let me sit in with them for one 3 minute song.  Hell, that's all I wanted, believe me. 3 minutes of fame there is awesome enough.

John chose Colin Raye's "Love, Me".  He explained that hearing that song on WGNA years ago was partly the reason he got into the music business. How cool.

Ok, I knew the tune well, but  have never played it before, ever - Somehow though ( don't ask me how), but I somehow pictured the chords on the keyboard in my "go to" key of C.  That's how I always do it, by the way -then I transpose from there if needed (that's for you budding musicians who want a little tip from an old hack)

If you'd like to see what happened, click below

But I'm not done!  Dorrie and I went downtown the next nite.  I wanted her to hear at least one song from these guys.  Turns out they were playing at The Stage, an equally iconic club.

I had no intention of going up there again, trust me.  But this proves what a stand up guy John is.  Next thing I know, I was playing it again, Sam.  (Same song, so I won't repeat it here).   Such an honor to do that.  I'll never forget it, trust me.  Thanks to all in the band for the opportunity (especially the keyboard player who let me use his instrument 2 nites in a row)

If you ever get a chance to see these guys, you'll be more than pleasantly surprised.  Here's John's website for more information.

Wow - what an amazing 6 minutes.  I'll be replaying that in my head for 6 years!