Country superstar Kenny Chesney decided to take most of 2014 off to go find something more because for him there was more to life and his music than staying where he was.

“I’ve seen music move people in ways I don’t see anything else...To see people care is a very spiritual thing, to see them moved by music, to put the things they care about into your song --that’s as powerful, maybe even more so, than what I bring to the songs,” Kenny said.

The result of his time away from the public eye was his new album "Big Revival," complete with recent No. 1 songs  "American Kids," "Til' It's Gone" and his next release, "Wild Child" featuring Grace Potter.

You can see and hear all of Kenny's big hit songs as 107.7 WGNA welcomes Kenny to the Times Union Center in Albany in April of this year. Stay tuned to 107.7 WGNA as tickets will be going on sale in February and we'll have the information for you right here on our website