1. The VMA's were last night on MTV, who was the host?

a - Miley Cyrus
2. One week from today is a holiday... what holiday is it?
a - Labor Day
3. Over the weekend, ceremonies were held to recognize the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.  How many years has it been since she hit New Orleans?
a - 10 years
4. The winner of the triple crown lost this weekend in Saratoga - what is the horse's name?
a - American Pharoah
5. Josh Duggar of the 19 kids and counting fame, was recently revealed as one of the members of what dating site exclusively for married people?
a - ashley madison.com
6. New photos have been released of the Russian President working out with the Prime Minister  - who is the president of Russia?
a - Vladimir Putin

7. Last week the man regarded as the fasted man in the world, was plowed over by a steady cam operator on a segway after a race.  Who is the fastest man in the world?
a - Usain Bolt
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