Doesn't it stink when everyone's watching a TV show that you're not?  It happens to me more and more. Not whining here, but when you get up at 4am every day, how can you physically keep up with 800 channels of programming that really doesn't show the good stuff until after 9PM?  Call me weird, but I like a litle more than 5 hours of sleep a nite! But I guess I'm going to have to change my ways!

I never watch Madmen, so I can't comment.  That did pretty well in Sunday nite's Emmys.  My wife is a rabid, avid fan however.  Maybe we should make her the TV Lady to Sean's Coupon Lady. I just saw Glee for the first time-that's how out of touch I've been.  (Ok, I really do watch TV a little bit, but I'm setting up for a bit-work with me here!)

So like I was saying...what is this "Modern Family" about?  Is it anything like the Adams Family?  (wow-I'm dating myself now!)

Maybe my next parody should be "My Sophia" (as in "My Maria").   Great idea!  See?  If you weren't reading these blogs, I wouldn't be writing them, and wouldn't have come up with that bit for sometime in the near future.  Thanks for that!

But I will end where I began.  What show have you not watched that everyone else is flipping out over, and why not?  Would like to know!