Michael’s Banquet House has been sold!

It’s official, an offer has been made to purchase the four- acre site of Michael's Banquet house.  The details of the deal are hush hush right now.  All we know is that the asking price was $1.38 million and the current deal is a cash deal.

The land is in a commercial district surrounded by Guptil’s and car dealerships.  Since details are so limited, I thought we would play the ‘what do you think will go there game!’  What do you think we need there?

I always hoped the people who bought Michael’s would re-open it as a banquet house.  If you have been in there, you have seen the bar – it’s so cool!  I would love to buy that and put it in my basement, you know if the new owners don’t want it!  But I digress…I highly doubt it’s going to be another banquet house.  So, what, a hotel?  Mini golf? Fast food?

What do you want to see there?