I honestly can't believe what I'm reading.. I really can't.

I guess this proves that if you live long enough, everything that was once poo-pooed will eventually be popular again and vice versa. Case in point: Mickey D's has decided, according CNBC..com to mess with a long standing formula for their classic Egg McMuffin.

They had been using liquid margarine for years, but now they have decided to switch to real butter.  (Wow - I didn't think about this part.  The article is right- what a boom for dairy farmers!)

So what they are saying here is that for all these years we've been eating buckets of margarine hoping that our cholesterol levels would stay in check, and it's been secretly worse for you.  Great!

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I just googled "is butter better for you than margarine?", and almost every article seems to say that butter is FAR healthier than chemicals, like margarine.  One article seems to say that there's been a 100 year war over this issue.  According to the WashingtonPost.com , back in 1911 the average American ate 19 pounds of butter a year, and only about a pound of margarine. (Yea, but all those people are dead now, so what does THAT prove? LOL)

So are YOU convinced that butter is better?  And a bigger question - would eating McMuffins in general every day be good for you?  Who knows.  Give it 5 years and they'll be questioning this decision, for sure.