Nice to get so much input from contributors, and this was no exception.  The Mayfield folks came through again, and it actually caused a major dilemma - how am I supposed to get all of this into one song?  Well, I gave it the old college try.  The results are below

Special thanks to many people for helping out, like Sue Nash (she sent a whole book worth of stuff), Arnie Eckerson, Paul Williamson, and Carol Hart . (I still wish I could get some more updated pictures of the town.  If anyone wants to help me out there, I can add them to the blog.  Simply send to

There was so much information here that I could easily do 3 or 4 versions of the song.  Here's version 1, to the tune of Eric Church's "Springsteen".  Love this song. Buy a copy of the original here if you like it too .


Parody of "Springsteen", by Eric Church

New Lyrics (c) 2012 Richie Phillips


If on route 30 you take a ride,

see cows on the left-hand side,

And then you pass an ice cream shop

You'll know where your headin


And if you take a good look around,

there are other things to be found

A town justice walkin' around

Hey, he did our wedding?


And in August if you're there,

better hit the Bannertown fair

Get a sandwich a beverage and more

At Lou and Nancy's food and fuel store


And if you want a view that's great,

There is Lanzi's on the lake

People come by motorcycle, motorboat, or snowmobile

I'm talking about Mayfield


Make sure you see Pour Jim,

He'll be there when you "Check Inn"

Don't be afraid of that statue in the dark,

Near the Adirondack Park


That's statue is the rage,

It's got its own Facebook page

Glenn Henry and the Hartz Family

They're a really big deal

(so are the owners of the Mayfield Grill)

Down in Mayfied


Great place to drive your Harley

It's represented by Hugh Farley


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