May 18th has been dubbed NASCAR Day throughout the country. It started back in 2004  as a celebration of NASCAR fans, charities and spirit.  NASCAR Day has raised over $10 Million for the NASCAR Foundation through the sale of pins and wristbands.

I am a huge NASCAR fan. I've unfortunately never been to a race, but I love the sport. I watch every race, every weekend on TV. If you take a look at my apartment, there is no mistaking my fandom.

As you can tell I am a big Dale Earnhardt fan, both Sr. and Jr.  I've been collecting these items for many years and the collection keeps growing. This is only a portion of the collection as some of it is in storage, my apartment isn't quite that big.

So what kind of NASCAR fan are you? Do you just like to watch the races or are you a little like me have a small collection devoted to your favorite driver?