Sometimes you just never know when something that you have might come in handy. Thank goodness a police officer in Macon, GA, had a stash of lollipops in his car last week.

They came in handy after an agitated, 6'4," 350-lb. mentally ill man began threatening health care workers with a broom and razor.

Police were called to the scene to taser the the 38-year-old into submission, but one police officer thought he'd try something a bit nontraditional. Sometimes you have to do that.

After getting the lollipops from his car, he convinced the angry man to swap weapons for the sweet treats. The distressed patient agreed, thereby allowing police officers to handcuff him.

According to Macon Police, the man was then taken by ambulance and treated at The Medical Center of Central Georgia.

Wouldn't it be nice if we could take care of more problems with some candy?