Hey, I'm just the messenger here, but apparently (and allegedly) a disabled person is out one dog, shot by police officers, and now he is suing.  (Dog pictured is not the actual animal- this one is very nice!) 

not the actual pitbull from the story!

The incident happened almost a year ago, but is making news again in Colorado.  According to the story on alternet.org, a disabled man, Gary Branson, had a therapy dog that got loose. A neighbor called police to report it. Cops spent 20 minutes trying to retrieve him, but he reportedly became aggressive. Chloe appeared to be a pit bull, but the owner says he is not.

Regardless, the dog was tasered and then shot.  The officer was acquitted of any criminal wrongdoing, by the way, but the owner isn't done requesting compensation.

Residents of Commerce City, Colorado were not happy at all with the outcome and the video went viral on YouTube.

Are you outraged as well?  Did they go too far with this animal? Do you think there is discrimination against pitbulls in general?  I was just petting one this weekend at an event for the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society at Goldstein Subaru in Albany.  This dog looked like a sweetheart to me!  Would love to know your experiences with this breed.