This is nuts!  A science teacher from Iowa watched that movie "Supersize Me" about Morgan Spurlock's quest to see what would happen if he only ate McDonald's for 30 days and super-sized everything.  Then, John Cisna wondered if he could lose weight by eating McDonalds, and he did!

He weighed 280 before, and after three months, he weighed 219 pounds. His cholesterol level dropped from 249 to 170. His triglycerides dropped from 156 to 80 and his LDL dropped from 170 to 113.

He said he has been obese his entire adult life.  And, as a science teacher, he thought this experiment might not just teach him how to eat, but also his students - whether it was good, bad, or ugly.

I'm not sure about you, but I's surprised by the results!

Check this out -

I found this particularly interesting because my family and I are living in a hotel room while we wait for our house to close, and I have been eating way too much fast food.  I have been feeling super bad about myself, but now, I wondering if I could make some of the same choices that John did, I might be better off than I started!

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