This is why there just aren't as many "Mannys" as you would think there should be. Man, like myself just don't have the ability to multitask when things like sports, beer or women are around. I think we all have done some pretty stupid things when we are distracted by shiny objects, fortunately for most of us, there aren't cameras around when we do.

This guy, ...not so lucky. he and his family seem to be heading to watch a spring training baseball game from the outfield. The father is leading the baby's stroller or wagon down a hill with his toddler inside while the Mom carries the baby. All is well until a ball lands over the fence nearby and like a dog with a squirrel the man abandon the wagon to chase the ball letting the wagon with his kid inside roll down the hill towards the fence.

It looks like he catches the wagon right before it hits the fence and everyone is fine but I'm not sure this guy is going to live this one down with his wife, or friends for quite some time!

Check it out here: