An Albany man that was accused of stealing a car was recently in Albany County Court for something more than just stealing the car.

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

He allegedly offered the car owner the return of car if he was paid $20 dollars.

The vehicle is a 2007 PT Cruiser. It was stolen on June 3. The victim’s cell phone was also in the car. The following day, there were several calls made to the cell phone. The man that was accused of stealing the car, 55-year-old David Moore allegedly answered the phone and said that he’d return the car if he was paid $20 dollars.

A location was set up with the victim and Moore, to make the exchange. In the story from News 10 ABC, the Albany Police went to the location and allegedly found that Moore had the stolen car along with the keys to the car.

When he was in court, Moore gave a guilty plea to one count of Criminal Possession Of Stolen Property. He’ll be sentenced in September and may be spending some time in jail because he has a repeat criminal history.