Maloney's Flower Shop, a local landmark in Waterford, New York is preparing for their busy time of year- Valentine's Day 2014!

Maloney's has been making Valentines happy for over 30 years. Manager Cheryl Knott says that the earliest order for this year's Valentine's rush came in a week ago. While it appears some gentlemen are thinking ahead, the majority will wait til the last minute.

In all her years of running the shop with her mother Liz, Knott says that  the most special Valentine's order happened a few years ago when a man wanted to place a diamond ring in the middle of a rose. The customer had plans of proposing to his girlfriend on Valentine's Day with the help of the award winning creative team at Maloneys. Of course, she said 'Yes!'

Other than roses, the flower experts say that lillies and gerber daisies are also recommended to say 'I Love You.' Whatever you decide, just don't forget that Valentine on February 14! Liz and Cheryl continue to say that flowers of any kind are the best way to express romance and how you really feel about a person.