Today is Valentine's Day 2012!   It's not too late to get that special someone something that lets them know how much you care.  As a matter of fact, about 80% of men wait until today to get the job done!

According to Cheryl Knott, manager of Maloney's Flower Shop, other than her earliest Valentine order a week before Valentine's Day, the majority of men wait until the actual day to make the purchase. With a building staffed with more employees than normal, they are ready for about the 80% of men that don't order until February 14!

This 70 year old business in Waterford, New York, currently owned by Liz McCarty, has been sending little gifts of love for decades.  Now, even after all these years, the Rose is still the most popular Valentine's flower. Cheryl says that the Rose has just symbolized love forever and it's the most obvious choice to say "I Love You!"

Cheryl says that second to the Rose, the Lilly is the second most popular flower of Cupid's special day.  Recently, she was touched by a unique idea from a customer who asked to have a note placed in a bouquet with a silk rose that read "I'll love you til the last rose dies."

Why flowers and roses on Valentine's day?  Cheryl told us that partners look forward to little gifts of love because "today is meant to tell someone that you love them, and everyone wants to hear that they are loved, or know that someone cares about them.  Sending flowers is a great way to say it without saying it!"

Last year, Faith Hill got in on the fun of sending love on Valentine's Day with her Teleflora Commercial.   Enjoy and don't forget to order those flowers today!

By the way, Richie Phillips recently showcased Maloney's in one of his popular 'Your Town Thursday' segments.