A friend sent me this and said it was hysterical.  Sorry- I have to disagree.  Let's see if you agree with my disagreement! (?) I love joking around with our dog, don't get me wrong, but I wouldn't pull this cruel joke on cute little Spencer.  Come on, look at that face!

photo by Richie Phillips

This magician seems to get a real charge out of pulling the "disappearing food" trick on unsuspecting pooches.  Check this out!  Do you think this is funny?  Not me!!

What say YOU about this?

Hey- how about the next time Mr Houdini goes to a fancy restaurant,  let the chef come out with a tray of huge shrimp and then dangle one in front of his face when he's REAL hungry- only to make it disappear up his sleeve.  Meanwhile have everyone at the table start laughing  at him like the woman in the background on the tape.  (Wow- I should get a job at PETA!)

How do YOU feel about this?  I think we should make this VIDEO disappear!