Rotterdam based Mastroianni Brothers Bakery has been bought by bakery in Utica.

Good news for capital region fans of Mastroianni Bread!! It is being reported that the bakery has been purchased by Pumilia's Pizza Shells, a bakery in Utica!   Mastroianni Brothers Bakery, which was based in Rotterdam closed recently.  The popular bread had been sold locally in Price Choppers and Hannaford.

Mastroianni Bros Bakery Facebook

I know I was, and still am, a fan of Mastroianni Bread.  In fact, just recently, I sent my son to the store to buy some.  He called from the store telling me he could not find it.  I insisted it was there.  Then, Andrea reminded me they closed….oops!  So, this is good news for me!

Although we are not sure what the future brings for this once local product, or what Pumilia’s plans to do, I for one hope to see this bread back on our store shelves soon!