On Friday afternoon, a 911 call was made to the Glenville Police Department.

Xurxo Lobato/Cover/Getty Images

The caller, Justin Rapp, was a man that was a little bit frantic. It wasn’t because he was injured or being robbed. It was because his wife, Jessica, was ready to deliver a baby. What put the man in even more of a panic was because he was calling from his car.

In the story from News 10 ABC, the man told Laurie Fredricks, the Public Safety Dispatcher, that they were in the car on Glenrdige Road in the roundabout. Fredricks helped the dad through the delivery by talking him through it. Lieutenant Rick Conley went to the scene and also assisted dad with delivering the baby. Conley is also a certified EMT.

The woman and man became mother and father of baby girl Jadely, at 2:48 p.m. The baby girl was sent to Ellis Hospital, in Schenectady.