Two people from Warrensburg were allegedly receiving public assistance help, but did not need to, and were not entitled to any of the the benefits.


An investigation that was conducted by The Warren Country Department Of Social Service and The Warren County Sheriff’s Department led to the arrest of the couple, and some felony charges.

24-year-old Hope E. Genier and 30-year-old Zebbin L. Blackbird were both accused of giving false information to The Warren County Department Of Social Services so they could receive food stamps, health care benefits and heating assistance. The amount of the benefits that the couple allegedly received was valued at more than $3,000 dollars.

The Warren County Sheriff’s Department report that Genier and Blackbird are both facing misdemeanor charges of Welfare Fraud and felony counts of Health Care Fraud. Prosecution is pending for the couple in Queensbury Town Court, and they were both released.