Giving birth is one of the most incredible experiences a mom, dad and family will ever have.  But, do you want every moment of said birth documented for the rest of time for anyone/everyone to see?

That's the question that I was contemplating as I was scrolling through the endless supply of nonsense on the internet this evening.  All of the sudden I found myself watching the live, graphic birth video of a couple I don't know and will never meet in Canada!


Is it odd that I watched it?  I mean, no, not really, given the fact that several of my friends had shared the video... so that means they probably watched it too, right?

But why do I want to see it?  And does that woman really want me and everyone else to see it?  Did she chose to make it available to the world?  Maybe?  Probably?

Who knows!  But it did get me thinking... is a video of your birth a good idea or no?

This particular video was really well done by a team of videographers and they did a beautiful job.  The video will be beloved by this family forever.  And, I do know that what few photos of my births that do exist are great keepsakes for my family and my children love to look at those pictures and ask me questions about that day and the way they were brought into the world.

So, maybe it's an okay idea.  But part of me still wants that experience to be intimate and private.

What do you think?  Are you into this idea of live birth videos?  Would you pay to have a film crew document your baby's birth?

Check out this amazing video and let me know what you think.