A few weeks back, my boyfriend and I went to a bar/restaurant in a nearby town to get a quick bite to eat.  Ironically, my boyfriend spotted a guy I use to date, sitting at the bar with another woman, before I spotted him.Luckily for everyones' sake, neither of us speak to each other anymore, but that could be its own blog in and off itself.

What I found interesting is that when I met this guy, he drank Coors Light beer.  Though I like most beers, I, at the time, was a big fan of Sam Adam's Summer Ale being the time of year and Summer Ale being a seasonal beer.  My year round fav and go to drink is Heineken typically.  After hanging out for most of the summer as friends and even going a few dates, he began to drink Sam Summers and would also order an occassional Heineken which I figured was just to make it easier in the ordering process for both of us.

However, back to my "run-in," if you want to call it that, when I happened to finally notice this particular guy as he and the woman casually got up to leave (ackward), there were two bottles of Amstel Light left on the bar.  Just then it dawned on me -- this guy (and maybe there are many guys out there) changes his taste in beer based on what the woman he is seeing drinks.  Ironic?  Yes.  Coincidental?  I don't think so.

Did you ever see that movie Runaway Bride starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere?  Well, about three-quarters of the way through the movie, Gere's character, a journalist, realizes Roberts' character, the bride, changes how she likes her eggs cooked to the way her husband-to-be likes his eggs.  One guy liked them scrambled; Roberts' charcter liked them scrambled.  Another guy liked them poached with hollandaise sauce; that too was Roberts' character's favorite style of eggs, and so on.  She was so pre-occupied with pleasing the guy she was seeing and worried about what they liked, she in the end didn't even know simply how she liked her eggs.

My question is, do people change certain things they like, to seem like they have more in common with the new person they are seeing or is it a matter of never tasting a particular style of food or beer, in this scenario, that dating someone opens your eyes to trying that type of beer?  Or do you think that some people are so insecure, they can't make up their own minds so they just go with what everyone else likes because they're afraid of looking weird?

Be yourself -- in the end, it will all come to the surface or you'll never truly be happy.