Kristen Bell, as Princess Anna, makes the day of a six year old battling brain cancer!

I love these stories, I really do!  It's another teary eye one, but its so cute! I know celebrities do this kind of stuff, but this one just caught my attention!  Ok, so here is the story!

Kristen Bell, as we know, is the voice of Princess Anna in the movie "Frozen."  She left an adorable, special message for Avery Huffman, a six year old little girl who is  fighting brain cancer.  Take a look:

What a great thing to do for this little girl! Making her an honorary princess after talking it over with Princess Elsa!  Then talking about going to play with her friend Olaf and building a snowman!  I loved every second of the call! Did you see the way Avery nodded along to the message, following every word!  Ugh, adorable!