Jason Michael Carroll is one of the great stars appearing at WGNA's Summer Picnic at the Saratoga County Fairgrounds on Saturday, Aug. 25, 2012.  Carroll has a deep connection to Albany area fans who remain loyal thanks to solid emotional hits like 'Alysaa Lies' 'Livin' Our Love Song' and 'Hurry Home.'

In an interview on our show, Carroll revealed that the hit 'Hurry Home' actually has a personal connection.  The song is about his Aunt Jean, who had been missing for 16 years.  Jean ran away due to an abusive relationship when Carroll was just two years old.  Click below to listen to this compelling story and find out if Jean ever made it home.

A field + country music + outdoors = exactly what you asked for, so we’re making it happen. Join Today’s Country 107.7 GNA as we present Chris Cagle on August 25th at the Saratoga Fairgrounds. Also appearing are Greg Bates, and Jason Michael Carroll.