I picked these folks out of my old Countryfest photos as "spoilers".  These were folks that were part of the bill but were not considered headliners.  I think they easily could have been, and wish they were back on the radio! 

The first is this guy - Jason Michael Carroll.  We had the pleasure of meeting him and going on his tour bus the last time he was in town.  He played us some new material that noone had ever heard before.  He's a super nice guy and really tore it up at both former Countryfest appearances.  I believe the first one was back in 2002.

photo by Richie PHillips

The second is Bucky Covington (Left).  His twin brother is (right). He was the drummer.  Bucky  had that hit -"It's Good To Be Us".  I was really impressed by how good he was on stage that year (2008?)

photo by Richie Phillips

Then there's this gentleman, and I mean that literally.  Darryl Worley.  Great performer, and had some great hits - "Have You Forgotten" and  "I Miss My Friend" being two prime examples.  But what sticks in my mind most about him was a meet and greet that we had. He was so fantastic with the fans and really spent time with each one of them. You don't forget things like that.  At least I don't.  He's another that I wish we played more of, and I hope they all continue to work on new stuff.

photo by Richie Phillips

Finallly - always a crowd pleaser - Joe Nichols.  You can always count on him for a great set.  Were you there to see him back in 2009?  Can you pick yourself out?

photo by Richie Phillips

Have you gotten your tickets yet for this year's show?  They MIGHT be still available!  You're cuttin' it close!   Here's the link if you are still interested, but you better act very fast.  Can you say Dierks Bentley?  (He's great, but don't discount the "support acts!")