All of you New York Yankee fans raise your hands!  "Holy Cow" to quote Phil Rizzuto, the longtime voice of Yankee Baseball. That's a lot of hands. All of you Atlanta Braves fans raise your hands!

I raised mine, but I think I am the only one. Am I really? It sure feels that way during baseball season. I go into stores like Dick's Sporting Goods looking for a Braves jersey, or a Braves golf polo shirt and there are none. There are 150 Jeter jerseys, and 200 different versions of the Yankee logo on golf shirts in 40 different colors.

Just last night I went on Ebay to get the red away authentic button down

 game jersey for the Braves, and then I walked over to the Atlanta Braves site to shop there for the golf polos. I got what I wanted. Dale Murphy, Hank Aaron(the true steroid free Home Run King),Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine, John Smoltz, Andru Jones,Chipper Jones, Ron Gant and possibly the best manager in the past 30 years Bobby Cox. These are just a snapshot of the Braves greats I grew up with as a kid and loved as an adult. Check the standings people, the Braves are playing great and are up the Phillies butt for first in the NL East, and we have more wins than the Yankees.  I wear the "Tomahawk" with pride and have been doing the chop for close to 30 years now. I remember when we had the screaming face of Chief "Knockahoma" (Knock-A-Homer) on the hats before it was deemed politically incorrect for some ridiculous reason.  Bottom line, I love the Altanta Braves and I was born in Fort Ann, New York. If I can sway any of you Yankee fans my way this is the one fact that may help me persuade you that to some extent the Braves are cool.

What team do you Yankee fans hate the most? The Boston Red Sox right? I hate them too, they are a bunch of cry babies. If there were no Atlanta Braves there would be no team for you to hate. The Braves franchise was started in Boston and was the Boston Braves, then when they moved to Milwaukee the team in Boston became the Red Sox. You're welcome. If my Braves ever get back to the series again I want to play the Yankees because it is not really a championship unless you beat the best, and history has proven that the Yankees are the best. That I can not dispute. Happy baseball season, and "Go Braves".